Jul 9, 2009

Well my husband and I haven't been married a year and, I'm already planning our vow renewal. Crazy. Well yes. Now let me explain. Our wedding was fabulous. Good location, good food, and even better friends and family. I can not say one complaint about anything that day. However, when we got the pictures back from our photographer I was not happy with them at all, he even missed our first kiss, luckily my sister in law took a great picture. When I got the pictures I decided we would have a vow renewal in either 6 or 7 years because that's when it would land on a Friday or Saturday. In that case we would be celebrating 15 or 16 years of being together. As of yet I have not decided whether it will be an intimate affair or throw a party. If we decide to invite everyone, I still want to have an intimate ceremony and then invite everyone to a party, which would be basically the reception. This time though I will have a photo booth and Carnivale masks.
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's  wedding
Cocoa, FL, USA
Another one... join the club. :) I'm here planning a vow renewal...

If you need any support or someone to talk to, don't hesitate to stop by and drop me a line.
's  wedding
Central district, 00, Hong kong
OMG ladies, I thought that I was the only one planning this.  At first my husband and I were going to have a 1 year anniversary party but now I have decided that since we will be moving back to Georgia within the next 3 years we will renewal renew our vows.

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