Mar 1, 2009

I first saw these shoes a long time ago before I wanted to splurge on shoes. Then I saw them again on kandi08's blog while searching WBC for pink shoes. I saw halesntboz had asked her where she found them. I tracked down kandi's response on one of halesntboz's posts (see how bad I wanted them??).

I have been looking for 2 hours and it looks like they no longer make the pink :(. I love the simplicity but elegance about them. I love the sexiness of the rhinestone strap around the ankle and the cuteness of the bow in the back of the ankle.

I am so depressed......if anyone is looking for shoes, keep me in your thoughts and let me know if you find anything similar.

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Pink Shoes I am soooo broken hearted!!
soontobenovakowski's Yellow wedding
Kelowna, BC, Canada
Did you try like ebay or something?
nocturnius's White wedding
Rockledge, FL, USA
Try the Coloriffics site directly:

The shoe is called Sierra.
divadan80's Blue wedding
Houston, TX, USA
your welcome on the m&m's info, we all need to know the cheapest way to buy them, they wont be personalized but they will be in your wedding color
halesntboz's Pink wedding
California, MD, USA
awww i know what you mean! I will keep a eye out for you...and if you find them anywhere else let me know...maybe we can get te boot-leg of them lol.
halesntboz's Pink wedding
California, MD, USA
holly hell I didnt even read nocturnius's comment....thanks so much for the link....YOU FOUND THEM =] yay yay yay!

Awesome thanks so much!

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