Nov 6, 2009

I need you ladies opinions on this.

When we first started planning this wedding I had told my mom that I did NOT want a veil. I didn't want one for 2 reasons, 1st we're getting married in Cuba so I thought a veil might look a little TOO much since we were getting married on the beach. 2nd was because my hair will be styled in a side ponytail, so I figured it would look bad with my hair style and a veil...

Sooo, this morning I was watching "Rich Bride, Poor Bride" and the bride had a side ponytail type hairstyle and she had a Birdcage veil. I thought it looked good so now I'm kind of wanting a veil but I don't want it to look too much or tacky so I would like to get your opinions. What do you think I should do???
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mazzy0774's Green wedding
Houston, TX, USA
I'm not doing a veil, but that is up to you. I think its more of a fresh look without one. It depends on what your vision is of yourself on your wedding day.  Would you rather see the veil in pictures and are you more of a traditional bride and want your fiance to see you with a veil, too?  I told my fiance i wasn't wearing one just in case and he said that's fine with him.
tashasita's Purple wedding
Scarborough, ON, Canada
A birdcage veil is simple and normally not a ton of material, so if you were going to do one, that would be a really good choice.

I'm not a veil fan personally, but they are very pretty on alot of people. I just don't like the look on me, and really want to wear my hair down.

That being said, the birdcage veil is pretty cool and fun looking. Even for a beach wedding, I think you'd be ok with that. Try it on, see if you like it on you, and go with your gut. :)
jajb2010's Black wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
Yeah, I think I might try a Bridcage veil just to see, I don't think a long veil would look good and I don't think I see myself wearing a long veil so the Birdcage sounds like the best idea for now. I'm going my dress fitting end of December so I'll try a birdcage veil with the dress and see what it looks like.
tiggre99's Red wedding
Herndon, VA, USA
I didn't wear one at my wedding--personally I don't like them; although I tried one on to appease my mom and it matched my dress perfectly, I didn't like me with one.  I did want the birdcage, but when I tried one on, it wasn't me.  I suggest finding in a bridal store and trying it on (or making your own) to see.  You may fall in love with it or you may go back to your original thoughts.  I've seen outdoor weddings that had veils, so I don't think it would be too much.
jajb2010's Black wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
Yeah see I'm thinking that's what's going to happen. I will try one and then I won't like it cause I did try one on the first time I went dress shopping and I totally hated it..I felt too girly ha ha. I've never tried the birdcage but I'll try it just in case.
purplenat1's Purple wedding
Lafayette, IN, USA
Birdcage veils are superhot, so I would definitely not think they're tacky. I really want a veil because, to me, it's really what makes you look bridal. A white dress, yes, but I've worn a white dress before, and I'll probably wear one again after the wedding. That's why I like the idea of a veil.
Try one on, maybe along with a hair trial to see how it all works together.
kristah's Green wedding
Surrey, BC, Canada
It would look beautiful I'm sure, especially for a beach wedding. It's not too big or formal.
My only concern would be wind.
We got married on a day with very little wind, but once or twice it still got flipped up during pictures.
On the beach it would probably be pretty breezey.
jajb2010's Black wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
Ohhh....I never thought about the wind factor. And it does get very windy in Cuba. And now I know why I had decided against a just made me remember ha ha ha.
innomaki's Blue wedding
Johannesburg, Sant julia de loria, South africa
I think you should definitely try the Bird cage veil - it looks so elegant and beautiful!

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