As most of you brides know my FH and I recently found out we are expecting. So, obviously we have way more important things to worry about than napkins and wine tasting. So, the wedding budget is being cut big time and alot of things changed because we have a very important bundle of joy on the way and I'd rather spend money on diapers and baby necessities than wine that I don't really like drinking in the first place. Isn't that sad that I was planning on having wine to try to appeal to my wine loving FMIL? Oh well, I don't think anyone will really miss the booze.
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Red Wedding Budget Cutting The Budget
For a girl we have chosen
Calista Roxanne
which means "Lovely Dawn"

and for a boy we have chosen
Grant Alexander
which means "Great Defender of the People"

Now we just have to wait another nine weeks to find out if our little "Gummy bear" is a girl or a boy. The FH is wanting a girl so fingers crossed that he gets as he wishes.
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R&R shirt
VOTE on my Name List

We've picked Calista Roxanne if we have a girl which translates into "Lovely Dawn" but can't quite decide on a boy name with a strong powerful meaning that sounds right. Votes are much appreciated.

grant alexander baggenstoss
christopher william baggenstoss
brendan ethan baggenstoss
gavin alexander baggenstoss
gregory william baggenstoss
matthew aiden baggenstoss
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R&R shirt
 BabyFetus Ticker

Well, the two week R&R trip was fun and the FH has returned to his favorite place in the desert. LOL
And today we found out he left a little something behind. I am now 5 weeks preggo with an R&R baby and I am due May 20th according to the doctors so apparently 4 months in the desert did wonders for his little soliders because we concieved the very first night he got back in the states.
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gummi bear
gummi bear2
Well, the trip was a general success not quite all stops were made but in the end we managed to see as many family members on his side as humanly possible. Not everyone was pleased but they're adults and will have to just wait for the next trip across the darn US.
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Highways......Our home for 2 weeks
I'm almost sure his butt was numb most of the drive
Excuse the hair Oklahoma wind plus me don't mix. But the bass and catfish were biting
Hoping to give each set of parents on the FH's side of the family a framed photo of one of our engagement photos, but I can't decide which I like the most, what you gitls think?
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Red Ask a Question Engagement Photos
Red Ask a Question Engagement Photos
Red Ask a Question Engagement Photos
Red Ask a Question Engagement Photos
Red Ask a Question Engagement Photos
Red Ask a Question Engagement Photos
Red Ask a Question Engagement Photos
Red Ask a Question Engagement Photos
So, my FH will be home from deployment for his R&R sometime tommorow so I am formally letting everyone know I won't be on for awhile. But when I come back i'll have engagement photos to show everyone and maybe some other goodies.
So, Love ya gals see you in two weeks.

Signing Off For Now,

Future Mrs. Baggenstoss

As of 11:15am on August 29th. The FH is here and now relaxing after his long 24 hour flight. So, I will be on for a little bit today and then gone till September 10th. Love ya gals.
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Bastogne Bulldogs All The Way
My Fister My Hero
He's The Joker To My Harley Quinn
Its true, I was on my facebook and lo and behold look who comes online The FH. Now this seemed very weird to me because with the time difference its 1am where he is. His first words are guess where i am and after i asked where the time it took him to reply felt like an eternity. He's already halfway home, apparently last night my time and morning time his time a guy in his unit came running over and told him to pack his stuff cause he has 20 minutes to be on a chopper. This means I have 9 to 12 hours till he gets here.
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My Fister My hero
Okay so my FH is coming home in around 24-48 hours so I thought now would be a goof time to make up for the last 4 months of neglecting my beauty treatments. LOL In fact during the 4 months he's been gone I've shaved my legs 3 times, I know it seems terrible but who am I trying to impress? The only guy who I care about seeing me at my best has been in a foreign country for 4 months. So, tonight is my pamper me night and I have mixed up my three favorite homemade spa treatments and I figured I'd share them with you girls. These are all real simple and most of you will likely have them on hand most of the time. I know i keep them around for this exact reason. I mean who doesn't like taking a little time for themselves.

Dry and Damaged Hair Rescue Mask
What you'll need:
A Small Bowl
2 Whole Eggs
5 Tablespoons Olive Oil
Saran Wrap or Shower Cap

What to do:
Whisk together the 2 eggs with the olive oil in the small mixing bowl, then apply to clean dry hair and either wrap with saran wrap or cover with shower cap and leave on for 30 minutes minimum. Your body heat will help the mask penetrate deep. After the 30 minutes rinse and shampoo as usual.

Lemon and Tomato Mask for Oily Skin
What you'll need:
1 over-ripe tomato; inside scooped and mashed
1 tsps lemon juice
1 tbls instant oatmeal

What to do:
In blender puree all ingredients and apply to freshly cleaned skin. Leave on for 15 minutes and then rinse skin throughly with warm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Brown Sugar Body Scrub for All Skin Types
What you'll need:
Resealable Storage Container with Lid
Whisk or Fork
1 cup Brown Sugar
1/2 cup Olive Oil

What to do:
In Storage Container combine Brown Sugar and Olive Oil and mix throughly into a paste. Massage onto skin avoiding any sensitive areas such as eyes and perianal areas. Rinse thourghly in shower and enjoy your freshly exfoliated skin.
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Okay as some of you may know my FH is a soldier in the US Army and we've been going back and forth with his leave date because the army can't make up their minds on when they'll let him come home for a visit. So far we've gone from the 31st to the 27th to the 21st to the 25th and now we are back at the 27th, which since the time difference he'll be leaving tonight my time. So, lets all keep our fingers crossed that the chopper comes and brings him home.
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