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Bouquet Toss

Okay pretty much everyone knows the whole tradition of the bouquet toss, but I am wondering who here is doing it and who isn't? I personally am thinking of doing a bouquet toss but instead of tossing my exspensive real rose bouquet I am thinking of switching out for a silk replica for the toss. What do you guys think? What are you doing? Anyone preserving their bouquet as a memento?
fairytalebride's Blue wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  08/22/2010  | 
hmmm.. from what i know theres  your bouquet and a toss bouquet wheather you are ordering flowers or making your own, you get to keep yours and throw a replica or smaller version of it, im making both except the toss one will be smaller & less expesnive to make. my bouquet  wil be made out of foam white roses which look a bit more realistic then silk, but for sure you dont want to throw or give away your beautiful bouquet.
abeautifulmess's Blue wedding
 |  Knoxville, TN, USA  |  08/22/2010  | 
Ive Heard That You Toss A Replica Of Yours. Im Not Doing A Toss Due To The Fact That Almost All Of Our Friends Are Married. Im Looking For Alternative Ways Instead Of The Toss.
jamiemm's Red wedding
 |  Clarksville, TN, USA  |  08/22/2010  | 
Yeah I am thinking of getting a similar bouquet made out of silk for the toss, I mean it doesn't have to be real extravagent so the one I found at hobbylobby.com should do. Hopefully my FH's groomsmen and guy friend guests will all bring guests so I have plenty of single ladies to toss to.
hannikay's Pink wedding
 |  Melbourne, Andorra la vella, Australia  |  08/22/2010  | 
Don't throw your proper one.. no way!! Throw something else cheap. It's usually just a slapped together bunch of flowers. :)
misspriss's Black wedding
 |  Salmon cove, NL, Canada  |  08/23/2010  | 
abeautifulmess@you can do the elimination dance( all couples on the floor and one by one they are eliminated bases on the years and months together and give your bouquet to the couple who has been married the longest to honor them.I may do that with a bouquet from the florist im just doing up.
macbride's Orange wedding
 |  Ancaster, ON, Canada  |  08/23/2010  | 
I'm tossing what's called a "toss bouquet." It's a smaller, scaled-down version of my bouquet. That way I can keep the real one and dry out the flowers!
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Stoney creek, ON, Canada  |  08/23/2010  | 
i didn't toss the bouquet but if I had, I would have tossed out a replica. I didn't do enough research into bouquet preservation although it's a fab idea, I just didn't get on it in time! But I have alot of other mementos from the wedding that will keep me happy :) If you can preserve it, I think it is really nice. I have seen some floral shadow boxes that look amazing. :)
tashasita's Purple wedding
 |  Stoney creek, ON, Canada  |  08/23/2010  | 
misspriss had the coolest idea for bouquet giveaway I have ever heard!! I wish I had read this post before. Now that would've been a cool bouquet giveaway!
jamiemm's Red wedding
 |  Clarksville, TN, USA  |  08/23/2010  | 
I'm actually think of getting a decorative container at Hobby Lobby and making my bouquet into potpourri or just hanging it upside down with a covering till its dried. then putting it in a nice hat box.
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