Aug 22, 2010

Okay so my fiance is of italian heritage so as a nod to that we are serving wine for our toast instead of champagne, and because he's a fister in the army we are honoring his unit by serving the wine thats made by a local vineyard specifically for his unit, its a white wine named Bastogne Brigade. We are having approxiamately 70 guests and about 10 of them will be under 21, so we will have 60 possible drinkers and we will be serving two glasses per person because the chapel owner/wedding coordinator doesn't allow an open bar which is fine for us because we plan to have an after party for the guest who want to continue the festivities at a local bar.
So, I am trying to decide how many bottles of wine we should buy so that everyone gets their two glasses. We also will be buying sparkiling white grape juice for the younger crowd and anyone who doesn't want wine.
So, how many bottles would you say is a safe bet?
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Bastogne the Bulldog
tashasita's Purple wedding
Stoney creek, ON, Canada
Ok a bottle of wine is 2-3 glasses, if you're serving a 4-6 oz size of glass it would be 3 glasses. Safely, i think 25 bottles would be more than enough. No one pours to the brim anyway at a wedding lol

Would also do about 10 bottles of grape juice just in case some people don't want wine.
jamiemm's Red wedding
Clarksville, TN, USA
Thanks for the help. We also plan on doing a coffee and tea setup because both of our families are big coffee drinkers, and we'll be having a citrus punch too.
tashasita's Purple wedding
Stoney creek, ON, Canada
No problem. We had to figure this out for our wedding too, so I remember the breakdowns lol.

That sounds like a great beverage combo :)

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