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So about 8 years ago, my sister got married and my grandma helped her with a bunch of things. She made programs and the invitations and everything, she also made her cake. Anyways, my grandma also made programs for my cousins wedding about 2 years ago and they were fans so I kind of wanted to so something similar to that and they were inspired by one of the ladies on here but it was so long ago I am sorry I forgot who it was. They are faved so I will try to find them.. I "fav" everything I like so I have so many to go through!
Anyways, please let me know what you think, this is our first draft and it also will have a stick to hold at the bottom. If there are anythings you would change let me know!
fabulousbride2011's Blue wedding
 |  Arlington, VA, USA  |  11/05/2010  | 
Everything looks like it coming along, but I would center the paper on the cardstock and try to get a paper cutter if you can so your lines can be cut straight, but other than that it's coming along and try to use double side tape to hold it down on the cardstock.
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