Mar 31, 2009

I feel im not going to make it theres less then five months to go and there is so much to be done!!

-send out the invites
- book the florist
- deposit on the food
- order tux
- order flower girl dresses
- place order for wedding favors
- our rings
- get my accessories
- officiant fee
- deposit for decor

omg and im trying to do this all by myself to scared to let anyone help me
there is so little time and so much to do ...i need the strength to get by this rough patch..i think might need to take that part time job :S
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shalini's Red wedding
So I hope this makes you feel better.  We have the same wedding date.  These are the things I need to do:
1.   Order Invites/Send Invites             26. Get Manicure/make appt
2.   Send Save The Dates                    27. Teeth Whitening
3.   Book Florist/Deposit Florist          28. Honeymoon Outfits
4.   Get dress                                         29. Book Honeymoon
5.   Book DJ                                            30. Speak to Priest
6.   Pick flower girl/ring bearer outfits 31. Make Music List
7.   Pick Bridesmaid dresses             32.  Finish Registry
8.   Order our rings                                33. Get Guest List from FMIL
9.   Plan showers                                  
10. Book Rehearsal
11. Marriage Liscense
12. Trial Hair run/book Hair Dresser
13. Trial Makeup run/ book makeup artist
14. Get engagement pictures done
15. Find outfits for engagement pics
16. Dance Lesson
17. Place cards/Table numbers order
18. Shoes for wedding
19. Lose weight
20. Option to scatter pictures
21. Ring Pillow
22. Flower basket
23. Bride/bridesmaid shirts
24. Grooms outfit
Hahaha  I just started going and didn't stop.  So trust me your doing awesome.

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