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Are you wearing a birdcage veil?

I tortured myself today at work.... not actually working but thinking about if I should wear just a birdcage veil or nothing. My hubby thinks I should. I want to be very unique and I was thinking of getting it black since it would go with my theme. I also want it to fit into our budget. I really dont want to spend $100 on a veil.

So the Google-er I am, I searched black birdcage veils. The first thing that pops up are widow women and funerals.... OMG!!!
So I totally dont want to look crazy like I m visiting the day or saying goodbye to them..lmao.

Ladies are you wearing a birdcage veil, and if so where would you reccomend us to go and get one at??? Are you getting it a different color besides white or Ivory????

Thanks for the feedback ladies
sarahdarling's Black wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  03/04/2010  | 
i got a white one off etsy for roughly $20. definitely check out etsy.com
pinkpirate's Pink wedding
 |  Denver, CO, USA  |  03/04/2010  | 
seriously, go look on etsy! brendasbridalveils, i think thats her name on there, has very reasonably priced ones, and i've looked all over etsy! i refuse to pay 100 bucks for something that is like 10 bucks or less a yard....
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  03/04/2010  | 
If you don't DIY, I third Etsy!  Love the veil by the way :)
's  wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  03/04/2010  | 
To answer your question, I am wearing a mantilla veil.  I was gifted a birdcage veil though & may wear it for pics.
's  wedding
 |  Halifax, NS, Canada  |  03/05/2010  | 
My mom bought my birdcage veil with my dress. (I'm still surprised she paid for my attire) and I love it!
it's white with a flower and some feathers and then swarovski crystals on some parts of the netting and in the centre of the flower. I think it cost $75-$100 at the bridal store.

But, etsy does have some beautiful birdcage veils. I'm thinking about getting one for my daughter in green or blue from there.
scotchminx's Yellow wedding
 |  Kanata, ON, Canada  |  03/05/2010  | 
I am wearing a black one that I made myself. Etsy is great if you are looking to buy one though.
amy1651's Black wedding
 |  Halifax, NS, Canada  |  03/05/2010  | 
I want one, I am going to wait until my dress comes in tis month and try a few on!
spirtle's Chocolate wedding
 |  Duluth, GA, USA  |  03/05/2010  | 
I also got mine from etsy...It's chocolate brown and was $21.20 that included shipping. the seller is itsthelittlethingsut, great stuff!
selenalovesisaiah's Black wedding
 |  Midland, TX, USA  |  03/24/2010  | 
i want one but my fiance thinks theyre ugly:[
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