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wedding 022
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wedding 022wedding 023wedding 025
DIY Wedding
Centerpieces are done ! what do you think ? I love the simplicity of them ..well... 11 days to go and so much to do :) ttyl
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wedding 018
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DIY Wedding
Jump the broom favors
I'm 12 days out yikes !! we got the favors done mostly last night, we are jumping the broom at our wedding and I loved the idea of everyone having their own broom and its a magnet! who doesn't love magnets
Red DIY Wedding Wedding broom
Red DIY Wedding Wedding broomRed DIY Wedding Wedding broom
DIY Wedding
Wedding broom
We are jumping the broom in 19 days!!!! I haven't posted in awhile due to wedding craziness and work ,but I'm back and plan to post much more between now and after the wedding :)
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To Cover or Not to Cover
Is anyone NOT using chair covers ? I'm not sure the having the " look" is worth the money can be beautiful .but is it REALLY worth it. I found a website where I can buy 85 for 189.00 . so its not a bad price and its do able but..I would rather save the money for the house we plan to buy ..I am not fond of the the banquet chairs they are navy and standard and dont really match the colors..not sure what I should do ..what are y'all doing
Red Ask a Question Am I wrong or are they rude ?
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Am I wrong or are they rude ?
Ok I just need to vent a little , here is the story. My FI has a huge family like huge. we are inviting some but not all,pretty much only the ones we interact with reguarly and the really important ones .he has like 6 uncles and we invited 3, because we havent seen nor heard from them in years ,so we invited the ones we are close with .he also has 3 brothers we invited 2 the third is alot older than him and he never calls and we havent seen im in like 6 years .Well now that we are having a wedding .everyone and their mom is coming out of the wood work and wanting to come to our wedding . Now im flattered and all but really you could have cared less about us before and all of a sudden they want to come to the wedding . His uncle( we never see or hear from EVER) facebooked me asking if he can come. thats fine we have room in the budget then he calls my FI asking if he can also bring his 8 kids.( yeah not a typo 8!!!) are serious !! I was floored ..his brother calls also wanting to come and bring his daugher..I feel like they think this is some backyard barbcue or some get together . I dont think it has anything to do with wanting to celebrate our wedding and see us . the had no intrest in seeing us or even checking to see if we were still alive before.they all now live in VA and we live in MA and I think they just wanted to find a reason to show their kids where they were from ,and come see there old area again . I dont want to be a bridezilla,but seriously !!!!!!
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Reception Entrance
So I have no idea what to do for this. I want it to be fun and upbeat but, all the songs I pick dont seem right . I have thought of "MY life" by Robin Thicke or " Crazy in love " by Beyonce and then there Is.."Lets Get Married " the remix by Jaged Edge ..I really like this last one and the first one but I'm just not sure .I'm kinda shy so I don't want to be too outrageous, but on the other hand you only get married once ..what are you guys doing for your entrances ?
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feather flowers 010
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feather flowers 010feather flowers 007Red DIY Wedding My DIY Feather bouquet
DIY Wedding
My DIY Feather bouquet
This thing took me a while , I think I did pretty good considering that i have never made one before.So what do you think ?
diy, bouquet
Red Hello color me new
color me new
Hi all
as you can see from above a newbie...a little back story .
we are getting married this October ,it's a tree themed wedding . we have been engaged for a little over 4 years ,but we have been together for 11 years. I know, what were we waiting for ? well not so much waiting as financial issues kept us from doing it sooner. I refused to elope, so we waited and waited and well you get it but now we are 107 days away and I am so EXCITED!!!!...we always new we would get married it was just a mattter of when and now we are almost there!

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