Feb 15, 2008


So i have the paper now for the invites and i think this Monday since is "Family Day" and its a holiday and we will finish them on the following Saturday. We are planning a small "party" to make the invites, and other things. I cant believe how much paper i Got... WOW.... i think we only payed about $170 for everything and that will make the invites, RSVPS, favor boxes, and ceremony programs.

**Will post pictures of final product later***
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marta12's Blue wedding
Chicago, IL, USA
DIY party! how fun.
bekah301's Black wedding
Pompano beach, FL, USA
Where did you get your paper? Micheals had some I liked but not enough. I really like the party idea too
jeffandcarissa's Chocolate wedding
Kitchener, ON, Canada
We actually went to a local scrapbooking studio and bought it from her... she gave us a 10% discount because we were buying bulk and it was great service. Micheals would be too much money... we bought pink ribbon from there for the invites, etc and it cost us $70.... it was crazy prices but really nice stuff.

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