Sep 25, 2008

My FH and I keep arguing about this....

I was thinking of having a registry at somewhere
simple like Target or Kohls. We don't really need that
much because we both had full households when
we met and when we moved in together we combined
all that stuff, so we have so much stuff, we really don't
need much. We actually gave a lot of our double stuff away.

Jeff thinks we shouldn't register anywhere, because we
really don't need anything, and he would rather get money
or gift cards for gifts.

I think that we should at least give them the option of money
or a gift.
I know we really don't need to much stuff, but we can always
use extra towels and some fun stuff like a wine fridge, or
Also, I told him how are people suppose to know where to
get the gift cards if we don't register anywhere. Right?!?!

I really don't want to ask for money or gift cards either,
I think its tacky.
My soon to be MIL received an invitation in the mail a few weeks
ago and they had a registry card in there for the different places
they were registered at, which I feel is fine, but then at the
bottom, they put Gift Cards Appreciated
And we both thought that sounded tacky and pushy.
I think if your going to buy someone a gift, you shouldn't have a
say in it.
I don't send people cards on my birthday saying gift cards appreciated.......

What do you ladies think about not having a registry?
And where have you all registered?
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Gift Registry
soon2bepayton's Chocolate wedding
Virginia beach, VA, USA
Well firstly, beware if you do Target. I have heard terrible things about their return policy (if you don't get a gift receipt or have any kind of receipt, they WILL NOT take it back). We are doing a Bed, Bath, & Beyond registry. We do live together, but we don't have a lot of appliances that I would like to have, and also it would be nice to get some new things of items we may already have.

Have you thought of doing a honeymoon registry? We will do one if his parents aren't paying for our honeymoon.

Other than that, if you honestly feel you have everything you need for your home, you could probably register somewhere that has just things you want (i.e. Best Buy or something to the like). If you don't register somewhere, people will probably bring you money just by default. If they have no direction on where to go to get you a gift, they probably aren't going to buy you material things like a blender or a toaster seeing as they don't know if you have it or not.
amcs76's Green wedding
Whitby, ON, Canada
Honestly, I think you should register. If you don't..a lot of guests don't like to give money and you would end up with a bunch of stuff you might not least register for a few things you and your FI like or may need....give them the option....and then if all items get purchased on your registry at least guests will have an idea of where to get gift cards.
cincybride09's Green wedding
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Bed Bath and Beyond...they will return anything you get and refund it for cash. Even if the guest purchases it with a 20% coupon, you still get the full price back...CASH. No receipt needed.

This way, you can still register and if you get it home and it turns out you really don't need it, boom! He get's some of the green stuff!

Target doesn't return without a receipt...not going to be all that easy to track down Aunt Trixie and ask her for the receipt for the toilet brush she bought...ya know?
ladybugg's Blue wedding
My FH and I had planned on doing a registry when we first started our wedding planning. Then we bought our house and my mom gave us all this stuff that she had bought over a period of time that she never returned (for whatever reason).
So, I decided to tell her and my sister if any close family and friends ask where we'll have our registry or what'll be on it, just tell them we'd rather have the money.
I agree that asking for money is tacky. That's why we're still making a small registry for the other guests with basics like towels, bed linens and a Kitcken Aid Stand Mixer that I must
scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Okay my suggestion is get registered.  Check the very first post I did after my wedding REGISTER.  At least a couple of places.  And yes it's the WORST thing about wedding planning......

People will give money who give money, gift card or checks...but some people must always buy a gift.  And yes some can even be NOT on your registry.

We only got (2) really ugly things that were not on registry.

And don't count on the money even if you have been in the same household people still are not comfortable with giving cash.
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Cork, Cork, Ireland
We're not registering either I think if you don't though you are leaving it entirely up to people to buy what they like. The "normal" people LOL will give money as they will have the common sense to know that you will have everything but then you will have the people who buy things that they like rather than what you need so make sure you have receipts ; )
stammlindsay's Pink wedding
Beaver dam, WI, USA
I would register at atleast one store. That way people that do buy you gifts will have an idea as to what you may like. I would definately reccomend bed bath and beyond.
jaysonsgirl's Pink wedding
Long beach, MS, USA
you should register for a honeymoon. people can pay some money towards your honeymoon. i don't know all the details, but i have heard of it some place.

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