May 22, 2008

Tiffany Blue is a tricky color....isn't it? Sometimes just because it says Tiffany Blue ~ it isn't. Finding ribbon, paper, bags, etc. that compliment each other and that doesnt wind up being this weird combination of blues is a hard job :) !
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tiffany blue
's  wedding
Charlotte, NC, USA
Girl, this is so true.  I read somewhere that although Tiffany & Co has the true trademark to the exact color, that the correct color is labeled as "robins egg blue".  But, you still have to be so careful.  My main concern is on the bigger elements, like the dresses & groomsmen attire to match.  All the shower accessories & other extras Im not so concerned about, as long as it dosent clash in an obvious way.  Good luck!!
vsquared1011's Blue wedding
Bloomington, IN, USA
I completely agree!!! I have been carrying around a Tiffany's ad in purse whenever I look for wedding things!
schokolade's Blue wedding
Markham, ON, Canada
I ALMOST gave up on Tiffany blue...  My wedding is less than 5 months away, and I still haven't bought anything blue (tho I already know what blue things I wanna buy) because I'm scared they'd be way off and especially since the bridesmaid dresses are not done yet (I'm getting them tailored). Aarrgh

My invitations are not even 'the' tiffany blue that I want, so I'm gonna let it go and not try to match everything with that colour.  They're not gonna bring my invites to the wedding and hold it against the blue ribbons at the wedding anyway (actually, that was copying my fiance's saying, it took me a while to finally agree).  The hard thing is buying 1 item in 'tiffany blue' and then try to match everything else with it.  I think the easiest is to go to one store and pick one blue closest to it and get EVERYTHING u need in that colour from same store!  You asked, so that was me venting..  :-p Good luck!

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