Blue 2 months and counting!!! wedding countdown

2 months and counting!!!
wedding countdown

Just thought Id share my freak out w/ everyone......today is 2mths TO GO ! ahhhhhhhh! so much to do :)
's  wedding
 |  Stoney creek, ON, Canada  |  05/26/2008  | 
AW that must be so exciting for you. yay! i still have 4 more to go
fabulousmrsklein's Pink wedding
 |  Aurora, IL, USA  |  05/26/2008  | 
katuska's Red wedding
 |  London, London, city of, United kingdom  |  05/27/2008  | 
I feel your 'pain'. I'm in my last 52 days!! EEEEK!!
misslexy03's Blue wedding
 |  Buffalo grove, IL, USA  |  05/27/2008  | 
How exciting!!!! I am getting close to the 2 month mark as well...

's  wedding
 |  Cleveland, OH, USA  |  05/27/2008  | 
I completely understand you, since yesterday is two months for me to till the wedding, I having dreams about it.  I had done and paid many of the things that I need for that day, but still need to cover many details.  I am so nervous.  I can't stop of imaging my fiancĂ©'s face when he'll see me that day.  Oh my God I'm shaking right now.
jennjuly2608's Blue wedding
 |   |  05/27/2008  | 
Thats the best thing about this site is so many people are experiencing the same thing you are......thanks for the comments ladies!
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