Update: I finally ordered a cake today!
Cake ???? Check!

So as those of you know who have read my previous CAKE blogs .....the cake thing has NOT been easy ~go figure. Well today I booked my cake finally, yay, and I saved $300.00 from what my venue was going to charge me, yay again! Im so excited but still up in the air about colors. I want a round 3 tier cake just like the one in the pic w/ the blue cake BUT I think Im going to be a little bold and do it in tiffany blue ~ w/ the cystal banding around it but thinner than pictured ~ and a litl design to match my dress on the top and bottom tier (not too much, i dont want it too busy) and maybe the Happily Ever After on the middle tier......What do u guys think ???
dd977chic's Black wedding
 |  USA  |  06/04/2008  | 
that will look really cool!
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Chris Garner
 |  Lombard, IL, USA  |  10/04/2008  | 
Jenny! Help! My fiancee and I are looking everywhere for things that you did in your wedding. Can you give us the name of people or websites you used? We were especially wanting to find the crystal banding that we could put around our cake, just like you did here in this pic that you used for your cake. Oh, and congratulations!!! We also love the crystals you have on the trees. Please respond asap. ChrisGarner57@yahoo.com, 630-730-2862. Thank you!!! - Chris, Chicago, IL
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