Love this dress!
Love this dress!

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Found dress, but can't locate designer

I am truly experiencing a case of the sleep-deprived, stressed bride-to-be. I was looking at dresses online and came across this amazing one (see pic). I saved the pic to my favorites, but didn't get the designer's info! Now, I can't remember which key words I used, nor can I locate it again doing a Google search.
Oh well, if it's meant to be, I'll find it. If not, there's plenty of other great dresses out there. Right?
kristina512's Black wedding
 |  Wheaton, IL, USA  |  03/19/2009  | 
EXACTLY! You should just go look in stores and use that dress for inspiration. If you liked that one then look at styles that are similiar. It is a good starting point and if you find it then great!

Good luck!
dreamstar's Orange wedding
 |  Simi valley, CA, USA  |  03/25/2009  | 
Is it by chance Sottero & Midgley?  Gosh, I've seen it somewhere before.  Good luck!
jes1107's Orange wedding
 |  Minneapolis, MN, USA  |  05/01/2009  | 
Thanks ladies! I found it at a bridal shop in town!
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