Jul 3, 2008

Okay so here is my questions, do the ushers sit at the table with the rest of the wedding party? Also about the flutes for the wedding party, aren't those supposed to be personalized? I want to personalize each one someone told me they "thought" they were just plain flutes?!Anyone have input please get back to me because I have no idea
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kjk2009's Pink wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
The ushers dont usually sit with teh wedding party. Also, the flutes dont have to be personalized, its just something people do if they have the budget and want to.
kjk2009's Pink wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
PS - I also knew NOTHING about wedding planning in the beginning. You'll learn as you go along, and the girls on here are great for any questions you have.
scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Kik 2009 is right on the money.
A great resource is the Knot.com
Ask Carley sections will have many answers that may arise
joyfulsong's Red wedding
Dildo, NL, Canada
It depends on whether you are calling "groomsmen" and "ushers" the same thing.  If they fill the same role (ie. are the same people), then yes, traditionally the groomsmen and bridesmaids sit at the head table with you.

KJK and Scheri are right in that the flutes don't have to be personalized.  If you want to, go right ahead.  However, if it's not in your budget and you want something personalized, then you can always personalize something else, like the wedding favor, or something else.

KJK is right.  This is a good place to bounce off ideas about all sorts of wedding-related things.  Also don't forget your friends and family (and groom!). They may have a lot of great ideas too.

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