Uncle Josh,Connor and Aunt Jessi!
Uncle Josh,Connor and Aunt Jessi!
Connor loved his birthday cake!
Uncle Josh,Connor and Aunt Jessi!Connor loved his birthday cake!

Ring bearer
My 1 year old nephew!

This is my ring bearer! He is the love of my life! We spend every Sunday together! He just turned one last month. He isn't walking yet but I'm sure he will be by Sept! I'm just not sure if he will walk down the aisle he doesn't really like strangers but thats okay I dont mind if he doesn't it would just be nice if he did so lets keep our fingers crossed. He does however LOVE LOVE LOVE cake so maybe I'll just put a little piece of cake on the floor by my feet and he will prob. run down the aisle just to get the cake. Either way I'm just glad he's in my wedding.
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