Aug 17, 2009

I was looking through one of my friends photos (he's a photographer), thinking I might find some ideas for our wedding. I saw this picture of a tablet that said advice and some little clips sitting on a table. Wondering what it was at first, I kept looking at the pictures. In the next few pictures it started to make sense, it was an advice tree (couldn't see the tree in my defense lol). Guests write down advice on the paper and clip it to the tree (or any kind of plant). I thought this was a great idea, and something you can scrapbook or use as a keepsake. And besides, a little advice from people who are already married couldn't hurt. Even though if you're engaged, you've probably heard lots of advice already! :)
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advice tree
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hlrheawedding's Black wedding
Jefferson city, MO, USA
This is a really cute idea and can be used an an alternative to a guest book.
lagaylemarie's Black wedding
Oceanside, CA, USA
I absolutely love this idea! I'm going to use it. This is such a sweet way for the guest to leave special thoughts and something that will be fun for me and my FH to read after the ceremony. Love it, thanks for sharing!
Happy planning
fierygurl's Green wedding
Halifax, NS, Canada
I'm sort of doing this for my friends Wedding Shower. I'm getting everyone to write on a card a piece of advice, or their experience for a big event in their own lives, ie) wedding night, honeymoon, 1st anniversary, 1st child, etc. Then I'm putting all the cards in a safe keeping box and giving them to my friend. Then when that event happens to my friend and her hubby, they get to open the cards associated with that event.

I think it's a great idea to have a tree also.

futuremrskennedy's Green wedding
I love the idea of an "advice tree".
We're going to use our crystal tree as our "advice tree".
I already printed out the paper, I just need to string them with ribbon, glue on a rhinestone on each one and then assemble the crystal tree. That's what we're using instead of a guest book.
We will still have our guest book on the table but not to write in. We will have it there because I am going to fill the pages with our Engagement and Bridal photos so that the guests can look at the pictures.
your1weakness's Black wedding
Albany, OR, USA
Im doing this as well:) But instead of hanging it on a tree Im making a scrapbook with photo booth pictures and next to their pictures Im going to have them write their advice

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