Apr 2, 2008

I saw a few of these online and loved the idea of having a card box that resembles a cake. This was very easy to do and of course....very budget friendly. As I said before, I'm definitely a hands on type of bride. I just got different sizes of boxes, cut the bottom, wrapped it in the colour I wanted, wrapped the trim with white satin ribbon, attached it together with a glue gun and added a few things to make it look a little nice (white flowers and pretty blue butterflies).

The candles are going to be part of the centre piece (not sure what exactly what the centre piece might be). I bought plain votives and printed our initials and date of our wedding on a ready made tag that you just buy, print and glue together.

I absolutely fell in love with the idea of having these little spice jars as a place card. I thought it might be a good idea to fill it with either kisses or blue and white jelly bellies. I've attached the card and when it's time I'll have everybody's name printed out on a sticker that way it'll be easier to stick on and set up at each table on the day of the wedding.
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Congrats on your engagement. You are off to a great start with your ideas.

There are several Tiffany blue brides on here (including myself), TiffBride, BlueBride09, keitadave, highlyfavoredbride, grateful bride, tiffandgreg, kevintramaine. All are linked in my favorites if you’re interested in some nice ideas.

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