wedding spam
wedding spam

Wedding Spam!!
Email Overload

Is it just me? Or is everybody getting bombarded with wedding spam. Emails, magazines, brochures, and phone calls from vendors are starting to bug me. I registered for ONE website. And now all of a sudden everybody and their extended family has my contact information. What??

I should have taken the advice of having a separate email account for only wedding-related things. I guess its not too late to start though. Don't get me wrong, I love receiving information about deals, new vendors, etc. But after the 50000th email, I can barely sift through to get to work-related stuff. New wedding email address....here I come!
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 |  Boca raton, FL, USA  |  01/23/2011  | 
YES! I had to create an account just for wedding stuff because one of the online wedding sites I joined must have shared my e-mail with everyone else and I get no less than 10 a day....
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