Jun 14, 2011

When my sister and i were younger we never really got along, in 2003 she became very ill and helping her through that made us best friends. She got married in 08, we did the bridesmaids and mom of the bride day dress shopping, everyone ooo's and ahh's over the bride then we pick out the dresses we are going to wear. Needless to say i get embarrassed alot in public being on display, i havent gotten over that from beeing a teenager. In november of 08 i got engaged to my sweetheart! i had my wedding day picked out even before i dreamed of meeting my groom 11/11/11.
In planning the wedding, the dress shopping was going to be in march/april of 11. Since my sister moved out and i still live at home, my mom and i have become very close, i have an odd work schedule so on the days off my mom and i got shopping, out to lunch, or hang out on the couch watching out stories.
On a whim we decided to check out a small wedding right by my house, it wasnt the commercial wedding store with 5000 dresses and only one person to helo you, it was the shop with designer dresses and your personal shopper. As we entered the store we were met by a very nice woman, in talkng abou the wedding she asked if i found a dress yet at which i stated no and in shock she said, sometimes finding a dress is hard, dont wait till the last minute.
My mom said look her whats its going to hurt, little did i know it was going ot hurt my sister feelings.
So we began to look at these beautiful dresses some with feathers some with bows, some in colors, some competely ugly, and then there it was this ivory and pewter beaded dress that i had fallen in love with! That being said and never wanting to try one dress on and give up, we grabbed a armful of dresses and heading into the lavish dressing room.
I tried on 2 dresses before squeezing my boobs into the dress i loved that was 2 sizes to small of them. I always pictured myself dress shopping with my hair curled, contacts in, make-up and beautified. Today i had my hair up in a bun, glasses on and no make-up, but me with my low selfessteem thought i looked beautiful! I am chubby, but not that day i wasnt. My mom didnt cry, i did.
Now back to the store, they were in the prosess of moving to a different location, so all of the dresses were 50% off and final sale, they could hold nothing without a $100 deposit and only for 24hours. This we did not know. We made our decison and told out sales lady, and she noticed my boobs and said call back tomorrow and set up an appointment with the seamstress to meet her.
After getting home i called my sister with excitement over finding this dress that i wanted, that i loved and all she could say was "you went shopping without me? How could you!?"
WTF did she just say to me? oh hell no this is when i got ghetto!
"Really, you are really making this about you?"
"But we were all supposed to go together!"
"I'm sorry i ruined your plans for my wedding, but i found my dress, you'll see it when i buy it!"
Two seconds later she call my house phone to talk to my mom, my poor mom is in the middle of 2 screaming/crying women, yelling how hurt they are at the others actions. Being as levelheaded as she could, she send me away and talk to my sister............ "this is nothing personal against you, it was spur of the moment, relax!"
I am calm for the moment but not speaking to my sister!


i get a call at 10am saying that the seemstress can meet my at 1:00 is this ok? i look outside it is snowing with 5 inches on the ground and a drive a kia.................."Sure thats find" all we have to do i make it 3 miles, 3 miles in 6 inches of snow, in a kia rio is nothing...........right?
This time i got up, curled my hair, out my make-up and contacts in and sassed myself up!
1:10 we made it to the shop
My dress was back out on the rack for anyone to touch, try on, disgust up!
The salewoman takes my dress and puts it in the same dressing room
1:15 the seamstress arrives and i put my dress on, the look on her face trying to figure out what the hell am i gonna do with this girls tits was priceless!
she tells me we can make it work, if this dress mean thats much to you, we can make it work! I take my dress off put it back on the hanger and hand it to the sales lady. Who now informs me that i need to pay $620 on the spot to keep my dress and take it home, its Tuesday, i have $300 to my name, i dont get paid till friday and they have a 24 hour only hold policy!!! DAMMIT
I tell the lady i only have $100 on me i dont get paid till friday what can i do? the other sales associate who we will call B, for bitch! Says " wee we can only hold it for 24 hours so its going to go back on the rack.
(If i had a knife i would have stabbed her, however she was holding my dress!)
My sales lady "L" said "I know how much you love this dress, i will take $100, write up a sales slip saying you will come friday and pick it up and IT WONT GET PUT BACK!"
(I had the urge to stick my tounge out at B but im an adult, dammit!)
I gave her $100, signed the paper and watched B walk into the back with it.
My sister called my mom that night and she told her everything, my sister then called my cell phone screaming at me saying i'm supposed to go with you when you buy your dress you bought it behind me back. and for the second day in a rom my mom has 2 screaming/crying adult woman to deal with. and on this day my fiance just happend to come over and witness the Serbian wrath of a crazy woman <---------Me


My sister calls me at 10am saying how horrible she felt about yelling at me so she called the shoppe and put $100 down on my dress, my fiance gave me $200, and my mom and i came up with the rest. So for the 3rd day in a row we went back to the wedding shoppe, and i paid for my dress in cash. L said she was suprised to see me here to quickly and i said loud enough for B to hear me, that after yesturday and seeing how some of the associates acting towards her nice deed, i wanted to get me dress as far away from them as i could.

After 2 days of fighting and heart attacks the dress is now hanging in my sisters old room, i wonder if she'll get mad at that???

Wanna keep up on my wedding, stay tuned for more of my blogs!
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