Jan 10, 2009

I have never been to Disney, so I wanted to do this for our honeymoon. My FH has been 3 times already. I am thinking it will be a fun time, I will get to act like a big kid. We decided it would be a good idea to go together first before we have kids. We will also be visiting Universal Studios.

So what are the......

*Must see
*Must do
*Must stay
*Must ride
*Must eat
*Must not do
*Waste of time
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nattynatbug's Black wedding
Altamonte springs, FL, USA
we live about 5 mins from Disney and go quite often. You know, honestly, I don't know what all the adult things to do there are only because we have a child so we can only go on the rides that she is tall enough to go on.

I really like Epcot and the Soarin ride. That is fun if you aren't scared of heights. Downtown Disney is fun and free. There are all the clubs there.
Getting the fast passes to all the rides are a good idea so you don't have to wait in long lines.

Also, I enjoyed the Rockin Rollercoaster
goingforbaroque's Black wedding
Fort lauderdale, FL, USA
Must see - my favorite parks are epcot and magic kingdom. Epcot can be really romantic at night because of all the different countries around the lake. you can eat dinner in mexico, or france, or italy or you get the idea. France has a great pastry place for breackfast and coffee or an afternoon dessert.

Must do - Magic kingdom: pirates of the carribean, thundermountain railroad, spacemountain, haunted mansion, small world, splash mountain. you can take a train ride around the park and eat in cinderella castle. do the fast pass tickets too, they save so much time.  Stay once for the parade
Epcot- sourin, nascar, the epcot ball, mission to mars, and the norway ride. Stay for the fireworks.
Downtown disney for the nightlife. There is a great seafood resterant that looks like a Ferry (cant remember name).
In general taking the monarails around the park was fun to me as kid or taking the ferry to the park from the grand floridian.

Must Stay- Grand Floridian would be top choice, if not the yacht and beach club are also very nice. There is a back entrance into Epcot at the yacht and beach club. You just take walk along the boardwalk and next you know it your in France (perfect for breakfast).

Must ride - I guess I covered this in the must do.

Must not do - At magic kingdom skip snow whites ride. It must have been the first ride created its so outdated. Like a creaky trolley ride you would find at the fair.
At epcot skip 'the Land ride' also really old. As far as hotels I wouldnt stay at the Polynesian or Contemporary - both really outdated and smell like mildewed carpet.
tiggre99's Red wedding
Fairfax, VA, USA
I havent been in quite a few years but during college my friends and I went and I really enjoyed the Animal Kingdom--they have a safari you can go on and I think they have made a lot more improvements since I was there.  Anyway that was my favorite spot.  The Magic Kingdom was cool, but there are so many "It's a small world after all" rides you can go on.  You must see the fireworks they have--I htink they have it every night.  Also you will be very close to Universal Studios so you may want to check out the two parks they have in addition to Walt Disney World.  Adventure Island has the roller coasters if you are interested in that.  It should be a fun trip whatever you choose to do and not do.  Good luck!
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Cork, Cork, Ireland
OH Id love to go

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