Blue Wedding Cake The best cake ever

Wedding Cake
The best cake ever

I found this picture of the best cake ever! I love monkey's and wouldnt you know they make a "monkey love" cake. We already got our cake topper that my finace is very excited about. An suggestions where I could use this cake?
littlelady7688's Purple wedding
 |  Twin lakes, WI, USA  |  06/04/2009  | 
make a card cake box! I wanted a traditional cake but loved the crazy goofy looking cakes so thats what I'm doing.
's  wedding
 |  Saint clair shores, MI, USA  |  06/08/2009  | 
That is super cute...it looks just like you and Alan.
's  wedding
 |  Toledo, OH, USA  |  01/07/2010  | 
It could be your shower cake! I love it Jen.
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Well, we're at a stump right now. I watned a cake, but I think we are going with cupcakes! I love...
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