wheatgrass 3
grass (2)
wheatgrass and cork
wheatgrass 3
grass (2)wheatgrass and corkwheatgrass 3

Love single place card idea

going with the fresh and earthy theme, which place card idea do you like best?

Wow, I'm really looking for a lot of input. I guess I'm just trying to get a sense of the type of wedding I want...since it is so far away. I'm not ready yet to make final decisions but it's nice to have others input. Thanks!
eponine923's Green wedding
 |  Lancaster, PA, USA  |  10/03/2008  | 
gorgeous! i love the organic, fresh theme
excitement09's Green wedding
 |  Toronto, ON, Canada  |  10/03/2008  | 
I am going a similar route with my theme as well! These are all very cute. I like the little grass gardens the best, I think. You could probably incorporate these into your favours somehow as well, if you were interested in doing that. I saw you were thinking of getting bamboo for favours, so possibly you could tuck the place cards into them if you wanted. Just a suggestion, though, of course. :)
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