May 2, 2008

So darling Fiance wants to help me plan, which I love. Its so funny because I always had my own idea of how I wanted my wedding to be. But now that I have a ring and its time to actually plan, my whole thought process has changed. I want the day to represent US and not just what I want. So, I started asking FH what color scheme he would like. And sure enough, he had an opinion. So basically we have narrowed it down to what we DON'T want. And I can't quite come up with a color scheme that I absolutely LOVE. So ladies, I need your input!

To give you an idea of who we are and what we want, here are some tidbits of information:

-We LOVE the beach, FH is getting his PhD in Coastal Engineering, I grew up at the beach.
-Our wedding is not going to be outside at the beach but inside at a location where we can still see the ocean.
-We want a summery, late afternoon wedding, we definitely don't want this to be a formal affair.
-Blue definitely has to be one of the main colors, we want to keep that beach theme so blue would definitely represent the ocean.
-as per FH's input: NO pink, and no dark colors! haha

I added some pictures that I found for inspiration but I haven't been able to find something that really makes both of us think WOW, thats it! Pleaaaaase help us! THANK YOU!!
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gemasa7's Chocolate wedding
Winston salem, NC, USA
Hi girl....Chek out my profile maybe you can get some ideas....Blue is a perfect color if you do not want anything dark you can use cream color or maybe make a combination with apple green it looks fantastic!
gemasa7's Chocolate wedding
Winston salem, NC, USA
Oh, by the way Im getting married at the beach....but it will be more barefoot like
hollyrayanne's Green wedding
Northwood, NH, USA
i really like blue and green together.
also blue and light yellow :)
good luck!
alybrand's Blue wedding
Olympia, WA, USA
I've seen people who did all shades of blue with a champaign color. It looked really nice and elegant. I hope you find that perfect combination! I had the worst time trying to find something me and my FI both liked. We ended up with teal/turqiouse, sage green and chocolate brown! whew.
farfromtheshore's Pink wedding
Chicago, IL, USA
Check out my profile for some beachy detail ideas, maybe try going with a deeper blue like a sea glass purity blue, I almost chose that deep blue, starfish burnt orange and white for my colors back when we thought we would have ourceremony on the beach instead of on the lake.
debbiev's Pink wedding
San diego, CA, USA
I'm with Holly & Aly. Both accent colors (yellow & champagne) bring the beach to mind and gives it a soft touch!
fabulousmrsklein's Pink wedding
Aurora, IL, USA
turquoise (spell check) and peach look good with hints of orange

I also like navy blue & yellow  with some red it looks good (a preppy nautical style)

For a beach wedding I would look at jcrew they are expensive but have some good looks you can pull off of
alybrand's Blue wedding
Olympia, WA, USA
I have been having the hardest time coming up with a first song too! Brandon decided that he thought Santana "Why Don't You and I" really fit us and is determined that it is what we are dancing to. But it is not slow really - it is a more upbeat and an untraditional type of first dance... But it makes me feel bad because that is one thing he actually wanted, so I guess that is it! lol If it was my way it probably would have been Colbie Calliat or something more "romantic"

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