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Please Help
Father Daughter Dance
Less than 3 weeks to go till my wedding and I dont' have a song for the father daughter dance. I tried asking my dad and he isn't any help (as usual)
so what is your song for the father daughter dance?? any suggerstions?
something blue
something blue
box of blue
something bluebluebox of blue
Look what I've got
Something Blue
I came across this on my other blog in their swapshop. another bride from toronto..about 15 min from where i live was selling them she has 72 of them left over.

she was selling them for $60. canadian ..not US.

I've been wanting these but they go for about $1.50 US each plus shipping to canada is totally ridiculous. this is such a good deal

They are so cute and smell so good. when i saw the post i couldn't believe it i sent her a message and went to pick them up the next day!

I'll prob jus stack them on the receiving table with a sign that says please take one. :) yay for me!
Melanie_Menu - chicken
Melanie_Menu - chicken
here is a sample of my menu.. just have to print them out now
cake topper
cake topper
Isn't it just pretty!!!
My wonderful cake topper has arrived.

I've purchased it from Jodi was good to deal with, responded to my emails very quickly had really good suggestions.

i'm so happy with it :)
Swarvoski Brilliance
Swarvoski Brilliance
My Something New
Look what my mom got me? Swarovski
I'm not a very flashy person don't want a big neckclace it's not my style.

My mom went out and got this for me and it's beautiful.

it's a swarovski brilliance set.

i hope it will look ok with my dress
I'm am now officially licensed to be wed
Got the Marriage License..1 more month to go
Yestereday FH and I went to get out marriage license. yayyy

$130 friggn dollars later.
sharing photo's from the wedding
with inspiration from pinkylv .. i've set up a flicker account so that ppl can upload their photo's after the wedding so they all can share.

This is the card that i'll set at each place..

they same girl who designed my table #'s and favour tags for my shower has designed these for me and i'm so in love.
Gifts are finished
Today i finally put the bridesmaids gifts together

the blue bag is for my hostess - they are drinking glasses from Tiffany & Co..i've posted pics of them in a previous post

The white bag with the brown ribbon and blue and white tissues is for MOH the only difference from the bridesmaids gifts is that her brooch is different. she helped me picked out the brooches and there was one in particular she really liked but didn't have 4 in stock so i bought the last one for her and chose others for the bridesmaids

the rest of the bags - white with blue ribbon is for the bridesmaids the are getting the Brooch (shown in pic) a candle from paddywax (posted this in a previous post ) a make up case, earings (shown in Pic) and wild blueberry bath salts.

pick # 4 shows the contents of the bridesmaids gifts in an the tiffany blue box is the earing and brooch.

I went to Danier Leather today and I may add in a change Purse to these but We'll see.
Blue table #'s
Blue table #'sBlue table #'sBlue table #'s
table #'s
I've already posted these but i went on the site of the girl who did these for me and i saw she posted them and they looked sooo good i decided to post them here again. plus her pics are way better than mine
Reception Drama Update
i'm happy again.. so yesterday we went to the hotel. we had a meeting with the hotel manager, banquet manager, executive chief. however the girl who booked my wedding wasn't here. anyway long story short...I got my 6 hr open bar, my sweet table, my soup & salad (which i'm going back next week to taste) my main course and my desert plus they are throwing in the executive Suite (it's huge) for me and my bridesmaids to get dressed in which i'm staying in the night before the wedding (for free) and they are also giving us the executive suite for the night of my wedding.

all i can say is SWEEET! our hotel manager is awesome! Iand the executive chief is so cute..... got everything I need! I'm happy again!

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