Wedding Flowers
Tough Decision!

I love all of these and i cant decide!!!
scheri's Chocolate wedding
 |  Edmonton, AB, Canada  |  01/17/2009  | 
Pic number one has that soft antique feel
Pic number two is more of a mixed feel
Pic three is more of a spring party
soontobemrss's Pink wedding
 |  Davenport, IA, USA  |  01/17/2009  | 
I really like one and three. They are all very pretty though!
charlotte41809's Green wedding
 |  Sumter, SC, USA  |  01/20/2009  | 
I like number one. It's very classic. Hmm...might do something like that myself :)
britt236's Pink wedding
 |  Markham, ON, Canada  |  01/21/2009  | 
I think the first one is the nicest and very classy and traditional. Beautiful.

I'm actually looking for the same color scheme but more ivory and gold. If anyone spots anything let me know! brittany_236@hotmail.com
Very much appreciated!
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Hey ladies. So today I received my flowers!!!! I was a little scared because of someone telling m...
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