Jun 7, 2008

Cameras on the table?
Do guest actually use them or do they let the kids run off with them? Well, for my friends wedding she said there was only one table out of 8 that took good pictures. So instead of kids running off with them, I thought it would be a great idea to have the adults have fun with the cameras. How about a Camera Scavenger Hunt!?! I have 10 pages with a list of 8 different kind of pictures to capture per page.... I think it'll be a great idea to capture some pictures the photographer wasn't able to catch...

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scheri's Chocolate wedding
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Great idea.

I have cards for my cameras.

Table _______
I, a guest of Scheri & Brian, will take pictures with this camera
To remember, from this day forward,
For better pictures or worse,
Of myself and other guests at my table,
The dance times and the meal times,
The smiles and the tears,
Till the pictures are no more.
I will use the camera according to the instructions,
And when finished, hand it over to Kari at Table ______
kjk2009's Pink wedding
Hamilton, ON, Canada
I LOVE this idea. Although, people will bring their digital cameras so maybe just leave a note with a website that people can upload onto later. I may steal this..its a great idea!
chineyelovesrickey's Purple wedding
Los angeles, CA, USA
i love this idea!!! i'm going to share it with my hunnybunny!!
sweetkarine's Chocolate wedding
Gatineau, QC, Canada
I was speaking to someone who got married last year and did the camera thing and she does not recommand it. Basicly she said that it was a waste of money. You have to buy the cameras... and also have the film processed. What she foudn out is that people were not using the flash and also taking bad pictures...She probably got a dozen photos that were good out of hundreds... So it's something to think about.
irishpocahontas's Purple wedding
Cork, Cork, Ireland
I wanted to use disposable cameras but was afraid that it would be wasted so I am going to appoint one of the bridesmaids to keep an eye on it but I love your idea - I think what to do with the kids is have a kids table put a camera on it and they can use that. If the kids are occupied in general they wont be interested in the camera side of things. I was also going to put a little note with the welcome packs saying that we would appreciate if they would keep copies of any photos of the destination wedding for us or something along those lines. Kudos to you!!

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