Oct 29, 2009

Only 190 days left! YIKES! I'm really really excited but I still have so much stuff to do. A few of my girls were wanting to go ahead and pick out their dresses and pay for them, so we have picked a date to all get together. Novemeber 14th my girls and I are going to meet up and eat lunch and then head off to David's Bridal to let them pick out their dresses and shoes. We wont order them now since its still a little early, but this way everyone will have their dresses picked out and know how much money they need. This also helps me because I'm buying my flower girls dresses and all of my girls shoes. I'm super excited about getting to spend the day w/ my girls!!!
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bryde2b's Pink wedding
Dedham, MA, USA
Sounds like fun.  I love getting together with my girls.  Enjoy!
stefanie13's Red wedding
Carmel, IN, USA
I just did that this past weekend.  It was a lot of fun!  You will have a blast!

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