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Artificial lime!

Does anyone know where I can find artificial lime in bulk? I am wanting to use this in my vases for my center pieces and I'm needing a lot of it. Every place I seem to find them it is around $10.00 for 6 slices and thats a bit pricey. PLEASE HELP!!
ikaufman08's Chocolate wedding
 |  Cleveland, OH, USA  |  06/03/2009  | 
try using this site... im not sure how much it is but they sell in bulk and give discounts... good luck

sabrinav's Blue wedding
 |  Brampton, ON, Canada  |  06/03/2009  | 
I would maybe thinking about going for real limes ...you're only using them for one day and limes look good for weeks if you don't cut them, you could buy them a week ahead and do them up...you could talk to your local grocery store even so that they can arrange to order enough for you....
ladybugg's Blue wedding
 |  USA  |  06/03/2009  | 
This is the closest I've come to a reasonable price. But the shipping is still a killer:

I would go with sabrinav and try to use real limes. just don't go for the really juicy 1s that'll be all messy.
sbbride's Blue wedding
 |  Santa barbara, CA, USA  |  06/03/2009  | 
Are you looking for slices or for whole limes? http://www.furnituregourmet.com/cart.php?area=3&group=6&item=121

Has whole ones for about .70 apiece

if you want slices...I second Sabrinav. Real ones will be less expensive and can last awhile.
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