Mar 4, 2009

I have not been on here in awhile.. I have been SOOO busy with work and trying to get things put together for the wedding but I have to lay it all out here before me so I can see what I have accomplished and what yet I need to do!!

So here is the flower girl dress my youngest daughter will be wearing. It is SO cute. She picked it out. The one I had originally was ordered from Hong Kong on ebay and it never got to me after 2 months so I got a refund and ordered this one from California.

The original dress I had picked out was white and had the pickups like my dress and then a turquoise sash around the waist but I am almost glad I didnt get it because I dont know how well the white would have looked next to my dress and too I didnt know if the turquoise sash would match my bridesmaids all that well.

But this one is perfect I think.. it is aqua/pool blue and ever so cute!
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Blue Flower Girl Dress

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