Oct 11, 2008

I am happy to say that about 2 months ago the matron of Honour and my bridesmaide have their dresses. We ordered them from Sears online and they were plesently surprised at how they looked and fitted. My bridesmaide has to have hers shortened and brought in a bit but other than that it fits well. My sister who is my matron of Honour said her dress fits perfectly. We went with ordering because my sister and my bridesmaide live in BC near Vancouver where I did live until moving to Ontario to be with Steve. I saw the dresses online and liked them and am so happy to have that part of the planning out of the way.

The dresses are lavender, but more of a greyish Lavender, very pretty!
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Purple Bridesmaids Bracelets I found on ebay.com for $1.42 each!!!!
These are just one of the 7 items I have purchased for my bridesmaids. I bought 7 of these for $9.