Mar 3, 2009

I am doing silk flowers and i am dying to have these cream/brown anemones! But i don't know where to find them!!! Does anyone? i really love these and they would go sooooo well with my whole wedding =(
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pearaholic's Black wedding
Calgary, AB, Canada
I don't know where to find silk ones!  I want anemones, but I'm going with real flowers for my bouquet so I haven't looked.  If you do find them I'd be interested too...
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West lafayette, IN, USA
here are a few sites I found:;jsessionid=0a0104471f43089638bf4bce4b08bc9190927b7523d5.e3eSbNqNc38Le34Pa38Ta38Qch50

just do a google search.
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Muscatine, IA, USA
OMG - I freaking LOVE anemones and will be using them for my wedding. I actually ordered them through a place online so they'll be silk b/c they are NOT in season when I get married in October.

I have no idea if they will have the color you are looking for but either way the website is and if you go to the go to the wedding bouquet section you'll see the anemone sample they have online to purchuse...but they do custom orders too. Or if you go to my blog and scroll down a bit I have pics from their website.

My bouquet will be RED anemones and my bridesmaid's will have white - their dresses are black. Then FH will have RED anemone bout and the groomsmen will have white to match the ladies. I am super excited and can't want to get them.

FYI - if you are interested in having these in silk, I highly recommend contacting hibscus...the guy I dealt with name is Mark and my whole experience has been smooth and wonderful. They also use the highest quality real touch flowers available. Trust when I tell you - I looked all over online for other vendors so I could just buy stems and assemble myself and there are no places out there that carry these kind of poppies in the correct colors. Beware b/c a lot of white silks are actually a off white cream color and I did NOT want that b/c it would so stand out again the guys white shirts and my white dress...hibscus's white one is BRIGHT white though. I made sure to ask that!

Good luck and if do you contact Mark at hibscus tell him Ms. Neuweg sent you...he'll get a kick out of my bragging about their business! Great stuff!!!!!

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