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Apr 24, 2009


So i LOVE music.... but i cant seem to pick any music for the wedding. I want unique music... i dont want to use the same songs everyone else uses... Amazed by Lonestar... anything by Celine Dion... I Will Always Love You... I want DIFFERENT. :D Something unique and edgy, but i cant see to find anything. any suggestions??? what are you using?
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brittanygann's Black wedding
Rock hill, SC, USA

We are using Ingrid Michaelson - The Way I am, as one of our special songs...

We are both complete dorks, so the song's lyrics fit us perfect! Not sure if you have heard it yet, but it maybe something you want to check out!

We are also having alot of more "edgy" songs that most people probably wouldn't like, but they completely Guttermouth-Pee in the's a pretty funny song!!

But def. pick out something that describes y'all as a couple, don't pick out something cookie cutter =)

Good luck with the planning!

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