Oct 12, 2011

Hello fellow WBC Brides! so i have been looking into this website for quite some time now and it seems like a great way to start wedding planning and to get good ideas :)

So i figured id start off by telling you a little bit about My FH and I's History. I guess you could call us high school sweet hearts depending on how you looked at it. Chris and i met in the beginning of our sophomore year in high school, it was immediate attraction for the both of us.You could tell from the first words spoke that we had so much in common. Soon after exchanging hellos we became good friends. from everybody else's point of view they just assumed that we'd known each other for years. Unfortunetly because of our friendship we were to scared to take it to the next level, leaving us to watch each other grow closer to someone else. That was probably the hardest thing i ever had to endure. My FH had been dating a friend of mine on and off for a while which even though it bothered me i supported because it made him happy. Because my FH and I were so close i was usually the one he came to when he was having relationship problems (which was quite often). Because of this it made his GF very uneasy and didnt like the fact that he was going to his "best friend" who happened to be a girl and telling me all their problem. Im more then sure she was just jealous of our relationship considering we were closer then they were. She pretty much told him he wasn't aloud to talk or see me anymore and because he was so crazy about her he listened. That ended up lasting for almost 2 years. It was horrible! three weeks before graduation they broke up and we stared talking again. The funny thing is even though we didnt speak for 2 years things were exactly the same from where we left off. About a half a year after graduating we both confessed our love for each other and decided to start dating. That lasted about 2 months, mostly because i had just gotten out of a 2yr relationship right before we started ours to say the least i wasn't ready for another one. Shortly after we broke up my FH and i had gotten into a pretty bad fight and stopped talking again. We chose to move on and forget about each other. Well a few months later we ended back together. The day after xmas 2009 we found out we were expecting a baby! yes a complete surprise. Here we are now with a 6 year friendship 2 year relationship and a one year old son and couldn't be happier. We have defiantly been through a lot, many ups and downs but in the end it has only made us stronger. I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with my FH and finally make our family whole.
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Blue New to WBC When i feel in love <3
Blue New to WBC When i feel in love <3
fairytalebride's Blue wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
aww.. that's great, you guys are truly meant to be well congrats! and welcome to our WBC family its always nice to see new brides join, lots of wonderful ideas and helpful ladies, a great site for sure.

Happy Planning! :)
justmeandhim's Purple wedding
Glendale, AZ, USA
CONGRATS TO u and welcome to WBC!!!
browncurls's Blue wedding
New port richey, FL, USA
Congrats and Welcome!
micaylax0922's Purple wedding
Meriden, CT, USA
For more purple and turquoise ideas, definately hit up theknot.com!! they have pages and pages of wedding decor for those colors!

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