Aug 1, 2012

My weddings July 20th 2013 and I've been going over a bunch of centerpiece ideas to DIY. I want crystal and bling along with some flowers that are affordable. My flowers will most likely be FAKE or silk flowers and I'm debating on if I want to make crepe paper flowers. I'm renting those feather centerpiece at $50 so I'm not sure if I use only 4 tables out of 12 will that be nice and the other 8 tables a combination of pic 2 and 3. Do you ladies think they will tie in? I also was going to put a otrich feather in pick 2. Ladies where would I find reasonable priced cylinders in 3 different sizes? Where can I get a lot of crystal mesh in silver and hot pink from for a great price as well as iridescent and clear acrylic crystals to hang off my vases and crystal tree that sparkle nicely and are affordable? I need to find a place that has different size cylinder vases and I also though of using drinking glasses. What do you think? LADIES YOUR OPINIONS AND HELP IS NEEDED ALONG WITH ANY SUGGESTIONS.
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feather centerpiece I'm using on some tables
diamond and acrylic ice centerpiece
pretty centerpiece
bling candle centerpiece idea
pretty crystal candle centerpiece
phillysgirl5's Pink wedding
Springfield, IL, USA
I don't know about the mesh, maybe hobby lobby or I know some girls here have gotten it on ebay. But the cylinders, the dollar store, the dollar tree is your best bet! I had three different size cylinders and got them all there, and you can't beat the price! Good luck!
ladycoltrane's Purple wedding
Cullowhee, NC, USA
I ordered my candles as well as my cylinder vases from not only did they get here QUICK but I think they were reasonably priced. You should check the site out. I ordered Monday and they arrived today!
kbenedict's Pink wedding
Lockport, NY, USA
Thank you ladies for getting back to me! @Phillysgirl5 I only found the tall cylinder vase at Dollar Tree believe me I'm on a budget and I don't want to pay so much for vases. I also looked on the Dollar Tree website and didn't see the smaller vases yesterday. Maybe I need to look again in case I over looked them. @ladycoltrane thanks for the website I'll check them out, because I'll need some floating candles and votives. Also I can get diamond mesh from save-on-crafts and Koyals Wholesale along with the hanging crystals.

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