2 months!
May 24, 2010


Where has all my extra time gone, time is really flying girls...I only got 2 months 2 go!

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sonlove2010's Green wedding
New york, NY, USA
whoohoo! yeah for 2months! I know u probably have alot left to do, so keep pressing on and dont stress...it will all work out!
alwayshis's Red wedding
Saint charles, IL, USA
Congrats! Ahh I'll be there in 2 weeks. Try to find time to relax!
kedacole's Green wedding
Hammond, IN, USA
Thanks girls, I needed to hear that coming from someone who has been where I'm going or on their way as well...so thanks again!
lovebyrdz's Green wedding
Pompano beach, FL, USA
Make the entire 2 months as productive as possible, you can do it. U have done it thus far. I'll stay tuned in incase u need an opinion
kedacole's Green wedding
Harvey, IL, USA
Thanks Sherria...glad to know I can count on my WBC sista 's =))

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