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So I have made my decision of the MOH, BM, and also Hostess dresses for the upcoming big day...considering since it's a summer wedding outside I want something long and that flows when you walk, nothing clinging to the body to attract more heat...the girls dresses are going to be by the designer Alfred Angelo but a whole different kind of style...reason being my girls were making way tooooo many excuses as to why they couldn't make it or it was to far, no baby sitter, no gas, u name it and they told it...So I generated a newsletter as of Sunday night explaining how many days we had to go along with a picture of the dresses I had chosen for the them to wear and as I might say I was quite surprise with the responses I got from it....they actually loved the dresses...so now it's time to order them...take a look!
's  wedding
 |  Peterborough, ON, Canada  |  01/13/2010  | 
I loove these dresses! And I'm in love with these colors together too! Very earthy :)
melissaepiphany's Black wedding
 |  Peterborough, ON, Canada  |  01/13/2010  | 
also look very comfortable. I actually tried on this dress before for my own BM's and it was very comfortable. It was way too big, but I could tell it'd be so comfortable.
bride2be04's Orange wedding
 |  Ajax, ON, Canada  |  01/13/2010  | 
I absolutely love these dresses.. I went out shopping today and made one of my girls try the long and short version on.. I knew she wouldnt like it, its not her style. But the short version was sooo cute! It is definably a dress only suited for certain people! It looks great on the model, but not for everyone!  Love the choice though. I just wish my girls loved it too. lol
's  wedding
 |  Pearl city, HI, USA  |  01/13/2010  | 
we're doing the short version of this dress and someone else just posted it like yesterday.  i think its very popular and all of my bridesmaids like it so thumbs up!
's  wedding
 |  Pearl city, HI, USA  |  01/13/2010  | 
sorry i didnt see that other short dress at first, my girls are doing the strapless one!  also my friends wedding this past summer had the long dress in it!
tiffbride10's Purple wedding
 |  Bogalusa, LA, USA  |  01/20/2010  | 
lol i'm using the same dress i just love it!
kedacole's Green wedding
 |  Harvey, IL, USA  |  01/21/2010  | 
Ever watch the movie 27dresses, well that’s a lot not quite that many but at least 5 dresses and shoes in my closet that I will never wear again…picking this dress for the girls I consider it all…even with the dress coming in short length I pictured the longer dress being more elegant for the occasion, however the dress is something I think can be worn again and possibly cut if needed be…I’m so gone over the dress I actually want to order 1 to take on my Honeymoon as for one of my evening dresses but of course it would have to short, gotta show off some skins :)
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