Jan 29, 2010

I am getting my jewelry custom made. I pretty much know what I want. I am thinking about getting a back drop necklace. The back drop wouldn't be as long as the one in the picture shown. I would get it so that it end in the upper middle of my shoulder blades. I really like the look, but for some reason, I feel that if it isn't executed just perfectly, it might look a little tacky.

But what is your opinion? Do you think this looks classy or trashy?
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's  wedding
Ottawa, ON, Canada
I guess it would depend on a couple of things IMO
1... Does it suit the gown you picked?
 2... Do you have any tattoos on your back that will show also?
 3....How much you love the look?
   Do you have a pic. of what it would look like from the front? my guess is like a chocker right?
       If you love it then go for it
sweetlatina's Purple wedding
West haven, CT, USA
I've heard of that type of necklace style from others. There's another name for it  called "lariat necklace" and I think it will look classy :)
shannonkd77's Black wedding
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Hi. I don't think it's trashy at all. I too have a necklace like this that I will be wearing with my dress, but like you said, it shouldn't be too long. Mine ends just slightly below the top of my shoulder blade.
drea4306's Green wedding
Norman, OK, USA
i think it all just depend on how it looks with your dress. but i mean if you like the idea you should def do it.
tunatuna's Yellow wedding
Portland, OR, USA
I think you so should do it.  Don't let anyone tell you it's tacky.
goasksunstar's Blue wedding
Flat rock, MI, USA
I love it! I'd go with classy.
sapphire2009's Blue wedding
Raleigh, NC, USA
I like them a lot. HOWEVER, i think the majority of it depends on the dress you have and how toned & lean your back is. The first time I really liked it was when I saw nicole kidman in the chanel commercials ( link/picture ) but not everyone could pull it off and look that elegant.
amy1651's Black wedding
Dartmouth, NS, Canada
I don't think they are trashy!

Although my friend's were out one night and my friend Whitney had one on and my other friend Sarah turned it around in front of everyone because she thought her nechlace was just backwards.
Then we all started joking that it did sort of look like it was backwards.

It all goes back to your taste!
tashasita's Purple wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
I really like them. i think they look great.
purplenat1's Purple wedding
West lafayette, IN, USA
I don't think they're tacky at all. I first saw this on ballroom dancers. Because they spin around so much, their necklaces got spun around, so they would just put them on with the long part on the back on purpose. Of course, if your dress has a high or elaborate back, this won't work. But if your back will be bare, I think it's a really cool look.
chanelbride's White wedding
Rancho cordova, CA, USA
That's nice. I might nead an all pearl design. I like it!
's  wedding
Lorna Stuart
London, H9, United kingdom
Hi Kelseymike,
I'm having the same look but for my bridesmaid, and i think your correct it's all about how it fits as in length on each person. This is such a classy look congratulation on your wedding when's the date?
we will be getting married on the 30th July, so excited.    


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