Mar 12, 2010

Does anyone have any good gift ideas for parents? I want to get my mom and dad something nice and special.
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Black Gifts for Parents Please Help!
futuremrsharless's Purple wedding
Kingsport, TN, USA
I really dont have any great suggestions... I am thinking of doing maybe a nice hankie with a poem for my mom and his mom....

the dads... well that is always a tough one
lynnmichael's Blue wedding
Oakdale, NY, USA
I am doing the hankie thing like futremrsharless said... I am getting them embroidered
his mom's will say: "thank you for raising the man of my dreams" then our wedding date
my mom's will say "thank you for raising the woman I am today" with the wedding date

we aren't really doing anything special for the dads (horrible I know)
but we are giving professional parent wedding albums (From our photographer) to them after the wedding

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