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Black Wedding Rings And Jewelry FH's Wedding Band
Wedding Rings And Jewelry
FH's Wedding Band
Here is the wedding band that my FH picked out.
Black Wedding Rings And Jewelry No Wedding Band?
Wedding Rings And Jewelry
No Wedding Band?
Here is our delimma:
We have decided to go back to graduate school, which means that we won't have real, full-time jobs. We will both have 2 part-time jobs. So, money won't be growing on our trees.

When my FH bought my engagement ring, it didn't come in a set. He didn't think about how expensive the wedding band might be that matched the engagement ring that he picked out.

Here is a picture of the ring that is the only one that would match my wedding band. It is about $1200 alone. Plus, we have to purchanse his wedding band, making our cost up to about $2000. Because of the payment system we have with the jewelry store, we would have to pay that off in 12 months.

Since we're going to be in college, $2000 is a lot for us to pay in 1 year.

So, we have talked about waiting to get my wedding band for a couple years. It would make we very sad, but if it would help us out financially, I could live with it.

I know that some women don't have a wedding band and it's not that big of a deal. But what do you think about our situation? What would you do?
Wedding Favors
Fortune Cookies!
For wedding favors, we are getting custom fortune cookies! The story is is that during college, where my FH and I met, we both worked in Chinese Restaurants. They were different restaurant that were owned by the same people. So we had the same bosses who we love! And they love us just as much! :) I was a server at one restaurant and he was a delivery boy at the other restaurant. Since serving Chinese food got us through college, we are having fortune cookies at our wedding with special messages inside like:

Michael and Kelsey April 10, 2010

Thank you for sharing this special day with us!

Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts forever.

I think they will be so cute and a big hit!
And actaully my FH and I have decided to go back to graduate school at the same college. We are signing the lease for our 1st apartment together this week. We are going to be working on campus part time, which means that we will get our tuition for FREE! And guess where else we'll be working part time.... Yes, at the chinese restaurants. They already told us that we could have jobs there, so that's our plan. I'm not really that excited about being a married woman and serving at a restaurant, but I'll be 23, still be in college and just making a living for now!
So that's our fortune cookie story and our plans :)
Black Shoes Ordered My Shoes!
Ordered My Shoes!
Here are the shoes that I ordered from

I think they're cute!
Back Drop Necklace
Classy or Trashy?
I am getting my jewelry custom made. I pretty much know what I want. I am thinking about getting a back drop necklace. The back drop wouldn't be as long as the one in the picture shown. I would get it so that it end in the upper middle of my shoulder blades. I really like the look, but for some reason, I feel that if it isn't executed just perfectly, it might look a little tacky.

But what is your opinion? Do you think this looks classy or trashy?
Are you getting two?
I was wondering if you are getting 2 garters - a keepsake and a toss.
I know a lot of them come in sets, but some don't. And I was wondering if I really need 2 of them. I was thinking that I could just wear one and toss that same one. Because really, I probably won't ever need a keepsake one. I doubt that I'll pull it out and look at it ever again!
I was just wondering what your thoughts are.
Wedding Invitation
Reception Card
Is it okay to include hotel accommodation information and registry information on my reception card? Or should I make a separate card? Should my reception card ONLY have my reception information on it?So far, something like this on the card I have:

Please join us for a dinner and dance reception following the ceremony at Carpenter's Hall.

Hotel Accommodations
Holiday Inn - 555-555-5555
Royal Rest Motel- 555-555-5555

Michael and Kelsey are resistered at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

Please visit our wedding website for additional information.

What do you think? All on 1 card? Or 2 separate cards?
Wedding Decoration
Cheap Flameless Tealights???
Does anyone know where I can get cheap flamess, battery operated tealights? Either in stores or online?
I would like to a buy a lot of them for cheap!
Black 100 DAYS! Til The Wedding!
100 DAYS!
Til The Wedding!
Wow! I never thought it would get here! Just a little over 3 months until am a wife!
invite sample
invite sample
Wedding Invitation
Do I Need Double Envelopes?
Here is kind of what my invitations will looks like.
Do I need double envelopes? Or should I just use the black lined and call it good?

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