This is kenyalott's Blue Wedding!

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Sand Ceremony
Muckerman%20FountainGrand-Gate_angle_smallStupp-GardenSand Ceremonyfall_colors2dogwoodMagnolia-Entrance_small
Wedding Location
Tower Grove Park
Tower Grove is so beautiful. We have spent a lot of time with family in this park. Since the ceremony is outside we will conduct the sand ceremony instead of the unity candle. It consist of pouring sand in the a vessel in stead of lighting candles.
simple cake with hydrangeas
simple cake with hydrangeas
peacock single feather
donut cake
simple cake with hydrangeaspeacock single featherdonut cake
Wedding Cake
Keeping with the theme Teal and Chocolate along with Peocock influences. In addition I want to have a donut teir for the grooms cake. Can you guess what he does for a living? All in good humor!!
lighted branches
lighted branches
buffet candy with high glasses
crystal beads for cener pieces
wedding program fans
additonal flowers
blue candy canes
for him
peacock single feather
peocock and lavender
aisle petals
lighted branchesbuffet candy with high glassescrystal beads for cener pieceswedding program fansadditonal flowersblue candy canesBlue Wedding Decoration Branches, Candles and Blueasianideasfor himpeacock single featherpeocock and lavenderaisle petals
Wedding Decoration
Branches, Candles and Blue
So much to choose from. It is so exciting to plan this wedding. When I show my ideas to some people they are like "what???) Basically Im taking ideas from the pictures I see. My center pieces will consist of branches that will have a crsystalled affect along with strings of small beads and larger glass crsytals surrounding them. This will be placed in a clear vase with long peocock feathers sprouting through the branches. The vase will sit on top of a mirrored tile with hydrangeas petals at the base. So Hydrangeas and peocock feathers. I hope to jump a peocock feathered broom, my groom will post a peocock feather with pieces of hydrangeas instead of a rose, the base of my rose and hydrangea bouquet will have several feathers as well. I hope to be able to include chair sashes and on the back of every other chair will hopefully be a peocock feather tucked in the sashing. The candy buffet is a big piece to the reception and I hope it looks as a appealling as I am hope. The wedding ceremony will be out doors. Flower petals, asion unbrellas and simply simply simple.
Jewel Box
Jewel Box
The Proposal
Forest Park Jewel Box
Forest Park Jewel Box. This is the location we me and Damon First Discussed having a wedding. We love going to forest park, the zoo, boathouse, The Muny, the Art Muesum.. We have been to Forest Park many many times. (there are many ways to have inexpensive days outdoors). On Valentines Day we went to our favorite resturuant in the West End and then went for a walk in the park. We walked down this walk way and he talked about how this was the place were we held our first discussions about marriage and weddings. Once we came to the front of the Jewel Box.... knee, ring, yes!
open water
open water
beautiful scenery
Carnival (MAYBE)
Sun Princess Cruise
open waterbeautiful sceneryCarnival (MAYBE)Sun Princess Cruise
We are still trying to decide which cruise line to utilize. Royal Caribbean and Carnival have positive and negative feedback. If any one has any information that would assist please supply!
Julius Bridal Back of Dress
Fashion_BridalGown_wc_jb_amour_456_664Julius Bridal Back of Dress
Wedding Dress
I cannot find another dress that I am more in love with!
One thing that I beleive when it comes to findng the dress, is remember your body (and be kind to it) I hope to accent my body's postive points with this dress. Howevr, I still purchased the dress smaller than my current dress size. I have to work hard to ensure I will fit in this dress well.

7 years since wedding
Aug 29, 2008
Saint Louis, Missouri, United States
Tower Grove Park Music Stand
Christy Banquest Center
It's been a long time coming.. and we want to enjoy every moment.
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