Wedding Decoration
Aug 16, 2008

It is going to be Tiffany Blue and Silver

Choose your flowers. Decide on your color scheme and whether you want long-stemmed or short-stemmed flowers or a combination of both.

Step2Consider the size of the wedding tables when you pick a vase. If you have large, round tables, almost any size vase will work for the centerpiece. If you're using long folding tables, you'll need three to four centerpieces for each table, so small to medium sized vases are best.

Step3Pick a vase based on the height of the centerpiece. A centerpiece with a medium vase and short-stemmed flowers might block a guest's view of others around the table, making dinner conversation impossible. After the centerpiece is arranged on a table, sit down and see if the view is clear.

Step4Go with a long necked vase, if your wedding centerpieces use long- stemmed flowers. The flowers will be on the top of the vase and won't block anyone's view.
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meme2138's Pink wedding
Grayson, KY, USA
wow I like that alot, id love it if it was in green though, are those beads?
marta12's Blue wedding
Chicago, IL, USA
That's gorgeous!

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