Mar 5, 2011

I'm in the process of booking the photographer, but I have been heavily encouraged by my dad to ask for references.

Did you ask for references?
Did you actually contact them?
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glamdivabride's Purple wedding
Atlanta, GA, USA
I didn't ask for references, but I did ask to see their portfolio.  My mom knows our photographer well, and she's done photos for people I know. I suggest getting references to be sure though.
kristah's Green wedding
Surrey, BC, Canada
I knew my photographer, and she had done 3 friend's weddings, so I didn't really need to.

But definitely look through their portfolio at least. With all my vendors I googled them like crazy, lol.
I find you get the most honest reviews that way. (If you can't find them online anywhere, I would ask for a couple references, or get E pics done with them before signing a full contract)
saphfiire's Black wedding
Durham, NC, USA
if you're the slightest bit iffy about them after viewing their portfolio, then definitely ask for references and google them for reviews. you need to know that they're top notch at what they do and that they won't let you down.
sofiztk8ed's Green wedding
Sydney, 02, Australia
saphfiire is right. if you're questioning theur ability, etc after viewing their portfolio, get references and google reviews!
kwepie117's Red wedding
I didn't have to ask for references, he actually got permission from every couple he has done to list their name and number on his site and the majority of them actually did a testimonial video that he has a link to. After talking to a few, I was sold.

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