Mar 11, 2011

I am so relieved that the bridesmaids dresses have been ordered today. It has been a ride. Everything has been up and down from choosing the dress to choosing the girls to wear the dress.

The first dess I chose looked great when I first saw it in the bridal shop. I had my sister try it on and I loved it. Later, I had one of my friends try it she looked so classy in it. I thought it was "The One". I showed it to the rest of the bridesmaid and they were happy enough about it.

When we went back to the bridalshop to get fitted for the dress and order it, it looked cheep and poorly cut. It looked terrible on everyone. Even the color was a tacky shade of purple. I needed to find a replacement fast!

I picked dresses similar to the original one I picked...tea length, flowing, shaffon,light purple....I threw the one shown to the left in the mix just for fun. This one turned out to be the absolute best. When the first bridesmaid tried it on I knew this was it. My sister put it on and looked so glorious. Today the third bridesmaid tried it on and she looked great and loved it. She could not stop talking about it after she tried it on. My friend coming in from Germany ordered the dress today and the complete order was sent to the manufacurer! I am so happy! I am so excited to have them walk down the isle before me...They are going to be breathtaking!
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daniellerenee85's Blue wedding
OOO! That dress is fabulous!

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