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Are you jumping the broom?

So I've been on a roll, over the last few days I created 3 more broom looks, check out the pics

-Pink and Brown
-A fun sprint theme with turquoise ribbon
-Damask Broom )my favorite of all

Also I took all of your suggestions and I started an Etsy shop

So tell me what you guys think, I'm trying to build a few samples what other colors or theme do you think i should try?
gratefulbride's Blue wedding
 |  Charlotte, NC, USA  |  03/09/2010  | 
Congratulations on your new Etsy Store!!!  The brooms are beautiful.  The only color scheme/theme I'd recommend is Tiffany :)  also maybe somthing chic with feathers :)
Good Luck!!
blkbutterfly's Pink wedding
 |  Killeen, TX, USA  |  03/09/2010  | 
Sooo cute!! I like the first 3 pics!
kittieswed's Purple wedding
 |  Paterson, NJ, USA  |  03/10/2010  | 
Thanks Gratefulbride, these are great ideas. I already have a peacock one in the works but i hadn't thought about regular feathers.
mrsbowe2be's Chocolate wedding
 |  Downingtown, PA, USA  |  03/10/2010  | 
These are beautiful!  I especially love the last one.  Its so bright and colorful!  I will definitely take a look at your Etsy shop when I am ready to buy my broom.
monikas's Chocolate wedding
 |  Orlando, FL, USA  |  03/10/2010  | 
They are all nice.CONGRATULATIONS!!!!
Also don't forget the bling for the "blinging brides" :o)
talleywife's Chocolate wedding
 |  Baltimore, MD, USA  |  03/10/2010  | 
forever the hustla..going to ur etsy store now....go girl..
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