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Wedding Bands - Check

We went to the same Jewelery store that my FH got my engagement ring at. I was nervous because I really wasn't sure what I wanted and was completely unprepared - we were just in the area and thought we'd take a look....

It only took 15 minutes for us both to decide on what we wanted...I love it! I get the band in 10 days! The pictures kind of show what my engagement and wedding band are like. My FH's ring is really cool - it was designed by the owner of the store - a really sweet older man.
soon2bmrsw's Pink wedding
 |  Silver spring, MD, USA  |  07/27/2008  | 
I plan to have, "DO NOT REMOVE" engraved...  :)
halibride's Green wedding
 |  Dartmouth, NS, Canada  |  07/27/2008  | 
I have a very similar engagement ring. Ben Moss? I love it - absolutely brilliant.
sea212's Pink wedding
 |  Normal, IL, USA  |  07/27/2008  | 
Beautiful!  I have a similar engagement ring too and the wedding band you got is what I think I'd like to have (we haven't gone looking for those yet).  Just wanted to say nice choice!
kittyc's Chocolate wedding
 |  Oakville, ON, Canada  |  07/27/2008  | 
Thanks sea212... it really looked great having the same setting on the engagement ring as it did on the wedding band - I'll post a pic for you when I get it back for you!

soon2bmrsW - LOVE IT.
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