Jul 27, 2008

We went to the same Jewelery store that my FH got my engagement ring at. I was nervous because I really wasn't sure what I wanted and was completely unprepared - we were just in the area and thought we'd take a look....

It only took 15 minutes for us both to decide on what we wanted...I love it! I get the band in 10 days! The pictures kind of show what my engagement and wedding band are like. My FH's ring is really cool - it was designed by the owner of the store - a really sweet older man.
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soon2bmrsw's Pink wedding
Silver spring, MD, USA
I plan to have, "DO NOT REMOVE" engraved...  :)
halibride's Green wedding
Dartmouth, NS, Canada
I have a very similar engagement ring. Ben Moss? I love it - absolutely brilliant.
sea212's Pink wedding
Normal, IL, USA
Beautiful!  I have a similar engagement ring too and the wedding band you got is what I think I'd like to have (we haven't gone looking for those yet).  Just wanted to say nice choice!
kittyc's Chocolate wedding
Oakville, ON, Canada
Thanks sea212... it really looked great having the same setting on the engagement ring as it did on the wedding band - I'll post a pic for you when I get it back for you!

soon2bmrsW - LOVE IT.

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