DIY Wedding
Jan 5, 2011

Instead of Pew Bows

These are what I'm using beside the church pews instead of pew bows, or shepherds hooks.
They were actually from someone elses wedding and were centerpieces, and I was going to use them for that also, however. I have gone from a small wedding to a bigger wedding and need 17, and I only have like 8!

I removed the ivy and added MY orange to the top and filled in the bottom with more flowers and some greenery.

I think they will be a nice touch to the ceremony. I'm excited to see them when I walk down the aisle.

I think it's a good alternative!
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Orange DIY Wedding Instead of Pew Bows
wendyb204's Pink wedding
Phoenix, AZ, USA
I think that will be super cute and unique!
acowleysoontobe's Pink wedding
Scarborough, ON, Canada
These are a great alternative to pew bows! Then you can move them to other areas of the wedding at the reception-your gift table, the bar or guest book table-they will be really cute accents.
yuandmi's Blue wedding
Toronto, ON, Canada
It is a very good alternative, you did a good job personalizing them to your taste as well.

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