This is kjvargas2011's Black Wedding!

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Black DIY Wedding Our Tears of Joy
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pic 3
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Black DIY Wedding Our Tears of JoyBlack DIY Wedding Our Tears of JoyWordingBlack DIY Wedding Our Tears of Joy
DIY Wedding
Our Tears of Joy
Here our my "Tears of Joy" packets......What do you ladies think?

Question: How many should I make? I have made 120 so far....

Our guest list is MAXED out at 344, however i am not making that many because i know the men wont take one....
Save the date one
Save the date one
Save the date two
Save the date oneSave the date two
Wedding Invitation
Our " Save The Dates"
We got a great deal the guy that did our engagement pictures did our " Save the dates". We got 150 S.T.D's for $70....I thought it was a great deal and it included the envelopes.....
Wedding Gift Registry
Wedding registry advice?
When should we start registering? How many places should we register at?

SN: My first shower that I know about is in July...
Cake 1
Cake 1
Cake 2
cake 3
Cake 1Cake 2cake 3
Wedding Cake
Our Wedding Cake!
I love the first cake.(cake 1)....However I really like number 2 and 3.....can I get any suggestions ladies?
Wedding Hair Style
My Hair Style
This is how I want to wear my hair god willing on my wedding day.....What do you ladies think about this hair style?
My Fiancee's Birthday
Happy Birthday to my Fiancee today he turns "29"....Today we started off the morning to go find some good after christmas deals for the wedding...then we came home and I cooked my FH's favorite foods for breakfast...we are now going to do a little bit more shopping...then this evening we will enjoy dinner with family & friends!!!
250 days
250 days
DIY Wedding
250 days to go till our BIG day!!!
Hello Ladies, its 250 till our big day...I am super excited....I am sorry I havent been on here alot lately...I am committing to getting on here more and commenting on every post I read.....
Black Share a Deal Flip Flops @ Jcpenny's...
Share a Deal
Flip Flops @ Jcpenny's...
Hey WBC ladies......I just thought I would share I found flip flops at Jcpennys yesturday, they were on SALE 2 pairs for .97 cents....I bought everything they had.
My Dress
My Dress
top back
My DressBacktop backjpgimage
Wedding Dress
Here is my wedding dress
Hey WBC ladies here is the dress that I am going to get for my big day....I searched and searched for a dress and this is the one that i just love.....I will wear this dress with a wrap to go around my arms!
Wedding Reception
The Georgetown Community Center
We are having our wedding at The Georgetown Community Center...... We had the biggest problem ever trying to find a place to be able to host our wedding reception, due to our large guest list. We finally were able to find this place that I liked and due to the GREAT price I can afford to spend more on decorations and let my decorator work her magic in there.....YAY!!!

3 years since wedding
Mar 31, 2012
Hutto, Texas, United States
Round Rock Church of Christ
Georgetown Community Center
We are getting married by the church in front of all our family and friends on March 31st,2012. My colors are going to be black and fuschia and some white. God willing we are having a very large wedding, are guest list currently sits at 354.
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